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runs_the_world is a comm dedicated to comic book women. It's for discussion, scans, and fanworks.
I know this journal is all musty and cob-webbed by now, but I've decided to bust out my feather-duster and give LJ another go. (Turns out it's a lot easier to work with on Chrome. Well, Comodo. It's like Chrome except ceiling Google isn't watching you sleep.)

So - hi, if anyone's still got this thing friended! I'll probably do crossposting with DW.

Hopefully I will remember that I've done this.
Okay, so! I am officially moving to Dreamwidth, at Shobogan. I'll still try to keep up with LJ, but my primary journaling will take place at DW. If anyone else is there who wants to follow me, please do! :)
Any advice for someone who can't comment on LJ at all?

At first I thought it was a problem with my internet connection - I've had a lot of fuckery lately, right now it's really bad, I'm getting Verizon soon - but...no. I just can't comment anywhere after the change. (Is this some ironic punishment for going back into shy lurker mode? Because I AM NOT LAUGHING, LIVEJOURNAL.)

I might just start using DW as my primary* (I'm Shobogan over there, too) but most...people and games and such are here, and I have - a lot of RP accounts.

*Okay, really my primary anything right now is Tumblr, which I'd also recommend as - not exactly a substitute, as it's really not the same, but a great way to share things and communicate with people. ...I should add that it is also frequently a pain in the ass.
Title: Sometimes
Rating: IDK, it's just a character piece but there's a lot of cursing.
Characters: Sollux, with appearances from Aradia.
Warning: Deals with bipolar disorder.
Summary: Sometimes he thinks there's something wrong with him.

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1. Second driving lesson today! A bit less nervous than I was yesterday, but...still nervous.

2. I dyed my hair black! Goes well with the Jason curls.

3. Welp. Glad I'm not getting Outlaws.

4. I really shouldn't have started playing Pokemon: Crystal again, I know I get sucked in for hours. My childhood, etc, etc.

5. I've got plans for my Heroines Fest fic in place, at least. Still want to read more NTT before I sit down and write the Barbara/Kory one. Still stuck on Just Another Kid.

6. I got to buy comics the other day! I bought three issues of Connor's Green Arrow run, the Green Arrow issue where Jason and Mia fight, the 1998 Holiday Special, and Captain America and the New Avengers.
I've been taking driving lessons from my mom, but we've gotten enough money to pay for four hours from an actual instructor.

First two today.

It was...well, I feel a bit less anxious now that I've been on actual roads and not killed anything?
"I prefer those cool bars that are hard to get into, but I can't get into them."
- Lonely Hearts

"Well, the answer is no, I don't need rescuing. I gave up on the knight in shining armor concept a while ago."
- Lonely Hearts

"Well, I'll tell you what: I can go where ever I want and ah, you can go to hell."
- Lonely Hearts

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Some awesome Steph quotes:

"To the Spoiler belongs the victory."
- Detective Comics 649

"So excuse me if I don't jump when you bark, Batman."
- Robin 16

"Do you have your own room in your glass house, Robin?"
- Robin 26

"Maybe Gotham needs a Spoiler. You and Batman handle all the crimes in the city. The suburbs don't have anybody."
- Robin 26

Robin: I told you to stay off the streets.
Spoiler: Guess I wasn't listening, huh?
- Robin 35

Crystal: Since when have you started watching crime shows?
Steph: How else am I ever gonna see Dad?
- Robin 45

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Here are a few of my favourite Steph panels. And by 'a few', I mean about thirty of them.

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