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Doctor Who


Ushas wants to know how, exactly, Theta fits into it all.

An Enlightening Session
Gallifrey doesn't have therapists as such. It does, however, contain experts in the Gallifreyan mind, and on occasion they use this expertise to counsel the few denizens in need who will admit it.

Theta Sigma is not one of them. He does, in fact, resist very loudly and persistently the entire way.

Remix: Tell Me About Your Mother (The Slightly Freudian Remix) by elliptic_eye

Roses in December
Ten of the Doctor's favourite childhood memories. Contains some Theta/Koschei.

Ten First Times
Ten drabbles focusing on the First Doctor's life on Gallifrey. The rebel becomes the activist; the activist becomes the recluse; the recluse becomes the renegade. First Doctor/Susan's Grandma.

Fifth Doctor

The First Rule
In the wake of tragedy, the Doctor tries to explain.

Acceptable Losses
Darzil Carlisle is not a Lord when the Doctor meets him.

When the Doctor returns to Terminus, he expects to find Nyssa working in one of the many laboratories...

Time Lords don't have graveyards, as such. Related to Ten First Times.

A corrupt monarch invades the Doctor's mind with sadistic curiosity.

Among Stars
Turlough asks the Doctor why he ran away.

The Doctor heals.

Jail cells and memories.

Those You've Known
Five drabbles. Five kisses. Five goodbyes. Doctor/Turlough, Doctor/Nyssa, Doctor/Master, Doctor/Illeana, Doctor&Tegan.

Behind Blue Eyes
A king confronts a meddler, and sees more than he ever wanted to.

Sweet Sorrow
Peri stumbles upon a box of memories. Doctor/Nyssa and Doctor/Turlough vaguely implied.

Remix: Sorrow So Sweet (The Alone in the Void Remix) by amaresu

Reasons to Hate the Time Lords
Some of them, anyway.

Ten Lessons
I'm learning things all the time. Grand things, little things, wonderful things, horrible things. If, however, I'm to limit myself to ten, I suppose I'll limit myself to this life as well.

The Doctor is not a very good client for a therapist, but he is certainly an interesting one.

He is happy to play the fool, but there are some things he will not abide.

In the wake of tragedy, Peri makes the Doctor share his grief.

beneath the sun
"Have you killed me yet?"

"I've missed you."

Fifth Doctor/Cheetah Master, adult.

"I might regenerate, I don't feels different this time." What was it that held the Doctor together?

Dark Doctor AU

The Doctor's reaction to Adric's death.

Someone to Listen
He does so enjoy assassins.

With These Hands
"When...when was the first time..."

"The first time I killed someone?"

The Doctor, Koschei, and a valley of unmarked graves.

Eighth Doctor

Dying Stars
He called himself Gray. Not his own name, the Doctor could tell, but an important one all the same. As he recovered, he slipped into rebellious bravado, fearless flirtation, and for the first time in ages the Doctor would smile. Doctor/Jack, adult.


Five Times You've Laughed
Susan, Zoe and Jamie, Jo, Romana, Turlough. One, Two, Three, Four, Five.


Everyone grows up.

A Letter and a List
Peri writes to her mother and makes fun of the Doctor.


Ten Things I Learned as a Child
One must learn quickly, in her world.

In a dark cave on a hostile world, Turlough, Nyssa and Tegan huddle for warmth.


Moments in Time
The little stories.

Harry Potter


Rhea and John Lupin, trying to make a difference.

A child's life is changed forever.

Behowl the Moon
Ten drabbles. Ten defining moments in Remus Lupin's life.

I learned, quite a long time ago, that saying exactly what was on my mind wasn't always the best course of action.

Friendship defeats fear.

Hollow Catharsis
As the world celebrates, Remus grieves alone.

Edge of the World
Perhaps the world still needs him after all.

Twenty Pounds
The First War is over; Remus must last beyond it. Day to day.

Two Letters
An apology and an appeal. Neither of them help very much.

Ten Reasons
Remus knows why he should leave; Tonks knows why he should stay.

Starlight paints the sleepers silver... Remus/Tonks.

Hope Over Misery
Some people just won't be pushed away. Remus/Tonks.



After his past leaves them bruise and battered, Angel receives a chance to mend their broken friendship.

Not Quite Closure
Kate wants to say goodbye for once.

the grief that does not speak
Kate's captain has a talk with her after her father's death.



Rachel is torn apart and made whole again. Tobias helps her put the pieces back together.

Ten Things That Scare You
Ten things? Just ten? I'm scared all the time.

Ten People
Who have made you who you are today.

No one understands when he says how trapped he feels without his wings.

Rachel is torn apart and made whole again. Tobias helps her put the pieces back together.

No More Heroes

Animorphs, Cassie, No More Heroes


Barbara Gordon

Ten ways you say I love you without the words.

And I Do
Everyone who knew Batgirl thinks Barbara misses her as much as they do.
Dinah/Babs; watching her sleep.

After Dick is shot instead of her, Barbara puts on a cowl once more.

Five drabbles. Five graves.

Your'e Late
When Bruce fails to save Barbara's family, all he can do is offer another.

One date Barbara Gordon never had, and one date she might have. Barbara/Kara, Barbara/Jason.

Into The Light/a>
Barbara knows she's going to die.

Cassandra Cain

A Girl Called

What might have happened after Cassandra's title ended.

Cass spends Christmas Eve with family.

With the help of those closest to her, Cassandra comes to a realisation.

Stephanie Brown

Stephanie ends up in the hospital. Bruce visits her.

Just Another Kid
Stephanie is Jason's best friend. She's about to discover she's Robin's, too.

Gotham Snapshots
A collection of ficlets about the Batfamily.


Sollux Captor

Sometimes he thinks there's something wrong with him.

Who We Are
Zie didn't choose this, anymore than zie chose soaring, fleeting thoughts stinging at zir thinkpan, or the weight of worthlessness dragging zir down into the dark.

X-Men: First Class

Angel Salvadore

That was when she took the name Angel. It was the first time she chose anything; the first time anything was simply, truly hers.

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